Canta Grupo Santa Ana

Guatemalen Worship Music, Carthage

Every Sunday morning at 11:00, St. Anne Catholic Church in Carthage fills with the sound of music from Guatemala. The band, led by Efrain Lopez and featuring his brother, two other brothers, a cousin, and their friend Hector Augustine, provide the music for the weekly Spanish Mass at the church. The group uses a drum set, electric bass, acoustic guitars, and marimba to play the worship music. The brothers started playing together eight years ago for their home church in the village of Agua Tibia, located on the outskirts of Comitancillo, Guatemala. They first got interested in playing music by listening to and following some uncles of theirs who were active musicians in the community. The uncles taught them to play and they were soon playing together at the church. After immigrating to the United States 3 years ago, the group began playing at St. Anne’s in Carthage. The group has recently recorded and released its first CD, Estoy Pensando En Dios. Funds generated from sales of the CD are being sent to their home village to help support the large orphan population there. They also have been performing outside of Carthage, including a performance at the 2002 Festival Latino in Jackson.

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