Appalachian Foothills

Joe Rickman

Rockabilly and country performer Joe Rickman was born in Corinth in 1943 and has lived in Glen for fifty years. As a child, he listened to the Grand Ole Opry, and in 1955 he found his musical direction when he heard “some of the prettiest music I ever heard” by rockabilly artists including Elvis Presley,

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Wayne Carter

Wayne Carter was born outside of Aberdeen in 1944 and grew up in a family that has produced a number of talented musicians. Carter is the grandson of “Fiddling George” Carter who recorded for several different recording labels in the late 1920s and who some credit with composing the standard “Cotton Eyed Joe.” He attended

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Bobby Carter

Bobby Carter is carrying on a family tradition of fiddling. Carters have been making music in the same part of northeast Mississippi for several generations. Carter’s great uncle, George Carter, led Carter Brothers and Sons, a string band that recorded several 78rpm records in the late 1920s (which can be heard on Mississippi String Bands,

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Leon Bass

Rockabilly and country musician Leon Bass lives in Farmington, just east of Corinth, and was born in 1937 in Alcorn County, “way back in the country,” in a home without electricity. His father died when he was three, and following his mother’s passing when he was just eight, he was raised by his older sister,

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